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Class 2: Professional Learning Communities and Technology Standards

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Week Two: Personal Learning Communities


May 13, 2010



Material From Week One:

  • Vision of Students Today
  • Visual Literacy
  • John Taylor Gatto
  • Student Videos of Teachers


Examples of Technology:

Discuss and categorize. What are the pedagogical 'hooks'?



Construct a PD plan for your school district that would advance the use of technology for teaching and learning. What obstacles do you face? What strategies can you employ? What technologies can you employ? What are the key elements of a successful PD plan?


Class notes from this activity: Teacher Designed PD.doc


What is the difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 (RWW)?



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Examples of Web 2.0



     How would you transform the following Web Resources so that they become more Web 2.0 ish?

  •      www.mapquest.com
  •      www.marriott.com
  •      www.nyt.com
  •      www.bestbuy.com
  •      Microsoft Office



     Digg Labs


What is a Personal Learning Community?

     Professional Listservs

     Network at conferences

     Join Professional Organizations

     Creating RSS Feeds to read others work

     Tagging your own blog, wiki, delicious, flickr accts.


Review Blogs:

     Creating a Post

     Uploading an Image

     Creating a Web Link

     Leaving a Comment

     Tags and Categories


     Embedding a Video




Review Wikis:

     Creating a new page

     Editing a page

     Creating a Web Link

     Adding a photo

     Adding a video

     Adding a Document

     Creating Sub-Pages

     Editing the Sidebar

     Linking to Sub-Pages

     Page History


Review RSS Feeds:

     What is RSS?

     Subscribe to a Feed

     Feed Readers


Review Delicious Accounts:

     What is Delicious?

     Find Resources on Delicious


Review Flicker Accounts:

     What is Flickr?

     Find Resources on Flickr


Review Creative Commons:

     Why is CC important?



National Educational Technology Standards

The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with the National Educational Technology Standards for students (NET-S), teachers (NETS –T) and administrators (NETS – A). Working in groups, you will examine one set of standards. You will review and discuss your set of standards and put together an overview of them for the other groups and present it to them. You may put together any type of presentation you wish using software applications such as PowerPoint, Inspiration, SMART Notebook, video, etc. The following criteria will be used to evaluate your presentation:

o The presentation provides a comprehensive overview of the standards.

o The presentation explains how the standards were developed.

o The presentation gives examples of how the standards would be implemented in professional practice.

o The presentation uses at least one software application as a means to communicate information.

o The presentation suggests online resources that provide additional information on the standards.

o Each group member had a role in creating part of the presentation.

o Each group member has an equal part in making the presentation.



Suggested Readings and Resource:

ISTE NETs Standards:

ISTE NETs for Students Home Page




NETS for Students Rubric.pdf


ISTE NETs for Teachers Home Page

 (NEW  2008) NETS_T_Standards_Final.pdf

Conditions for Teacher Preparation.pdf

Performance Profiles for Teacher Preparation.pdf

NETs for Teachers Rubric.pdf


ISTE NETs for Administrators Home Page


(NEW  2009) NETS-A_2009.pdf

Essential Conditions for Implementing NETs for Administrators

Profiles for Technology Literate Administrators

NETs for Administrators Rubric.pdf


Classroom Leadership

Evaluating the Uses of Technology

Assessment Tools


Professional Organizations

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

Consortium of School Networking (COSN)

New York State Association of Computers and Technology in Education (NYSCATE)

New York State Teacher Centers

New York Institute of Technology

Lower Hudson Regional Information Center

School 2.0


Resources for Professional Sharing

National Ed Tech Plan

New York State Virtual Learning System (VLS)NYIT Educational Enterprise Zone


We The Teachers

We Are Teachers

K-12 Online Conference


Technology Activities Database




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