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Class 1: Overview of the Impact of Technology in Education

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Week One: Overview of The Impact of Technology in Education


May 6, 2010




Review Course Outline, Dates, and Projects


Presentation on the value of technology.


Activity: Create a Professional Learning Community:


Create a Google Reader Account


Create RSS Feeds


Create a Blog 


Create a Wiki


Create a Delicious Account


Create a Flickr Account





Personal Learning Communities

The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with Web 2.0 (the Read-Write Web). You will locate several blogs, wikis, and podcasts that are useful to your professional practice and will subscribe to them via RSS feeds. You will also find Educational Portals that are appropriate. You will create your own blog for this class and write an original post for your blog at least once per week for the remainder of the course. You will comment on at least one classmate’s blog per week for the remainder of the course. You will also create a wiki for this class and populate it with links to your blog, to the blogs in your RSS feed, to the educational portals and resources that you have found in your research. You will present your wiki and blog to the class. The following criteria will be used to evaluate your presentation:


  • The presentation provides a clear explanation of why Personal Learning Communities are Important and how the RWW supports them.
  • The presentation provides an explanation of what blogs, wikis, podcasts, and educational portals were selected and why they were selected.
  • The presentation explains how students might benefit from the RWW.
  • The presentation uses at least one software application as a means to communicate information.



Suggested Readings & Resources:


Pew Internet & American Life Research: Teenage Life Online: PIP_Teens_Report.pdf


Pew Internet & American Life Research: The Strength of Internet Ties: PIP_Internet_ties.pdf


Pew Internet & American Life Research: Digital Divisions: PIP_Digital_Divisions_Oct_5_2005.pdf


Pew Internet & American Life Research: The Future of the Internet: PIP_Internet_ties.pdf


Pew Internet & American Life Research: Teens and Social Media: PIP_Teens_Social_Media_Final.pdf


Ken Komiski: The 81% Solution: Developing Life Long Learners


edtechjouneys wiki- Transforming Teaching and Learning


edtechjourneys wiki- Student Empowerment


GenYes - Student Empowerment Blog


GenYes- Student Empowerment Web Site


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